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landscape Master Plan

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you to define the outdoor living spaces of your home. 

We'll begin the process by creating a Landscape Master Plan that will be tailored to your design vision.




The first phase in developing your Landscape Master Plan is the initial meeting. We will meet with you onsite to discuss the parameters of your project as well as listen to your ideas and objectives for the space. It is helpful to our discussion if you come to this meeting prepared with a “wish list.”  Please include your projected budget as well as any photos you may have found in books, magazines and online that will reveal your personal tastes.




After the initial meeting, we will send you a design contract reiterating the scope of the project and our fee to develop your Landscape Master Plan.


Site Analysis

Upon receiving the contract, we will visit the site again to measure and photograph the existing site conditions. Using computer scans, we can begin to develop a base map for the project.


Concept Plan

This is where we begin to work our magic. Using the base map and the information discussed at the initial meeting, we produce a preliminary plan, bringing form to the elements from your “wish list.” We explore all possibilities including design principles such as "form follows function" and "less is more." The Concept Plan establishes the layout of hardscape elements including pools, spas, patios, fountains, BBQs, fireplaces and plantings schemes. Next, we then print and color the plan for presentation.



At the Concept Plan Presentation, we will walk you through our entire design process. This is where the collaboration begins.  You will give us feedback as to what works for you and what changes you may like to see.


Finalization of Plan

Based on your initial feedback, we will revise and finalize any changes you requested to the plan and produce a Landscape Master Plan. This final plan often requires two or three sheets of plans including: a hardscape layout and materials legend; a planting and lighting plan with planting key; a lighting legend; and a site details page for such elements such as BBQs, fireplaces and fountains.



After the Master Landscape Plan has been finalized, we will provide you with a set or set(s) of plans for your submittal to your community’s Architectural Review Board (if required). You are now ready to solicit bids from landscape contractors for construction. We will be happy to provide you with a list of licensed contractors, should you so request, and work with your selected contractor on an oversight basis to ensure the plans are executed to proper specifications indicated in the Landscape Master Plan.

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