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There is a growing awareness of well-designed landscape architecture and its importance on lifestyle and property values. It has to function with one’s needs and look fantastic. We know that it is paramount in connecting the home to the site. But more is required than just a connection.

Homeowners have raised the bar of expectations from their designers. The caliber of design in projects featured on the pages of “Tucson Lifestyle” and “Phoenix Home and Garden” is now considered quintessential. There is real magic in achieving this task.


Degreed in landscape architecture and over 20 years of experience in the “high end” residential market, the magic is ever present with our designs. We specialize in features which include pools, fountains, patios, fireplaces, barbeques, planting themes and outdoor lighting. We also offer certified water harvesting designs from our very own Advanced Certified Water Harvesting Practitioner.


Our projects do not start at where the house meets the backyard grade. Nor do they start at the front door. Rather, our projects begin at the curb, as one approaches the site. 

What happens from that point on? What draws us in? What treasures await? These are the questions explored and addressed by the thoughtful designs we create for our clients.


Consider the possibilities.

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